Professional-level conference held
in Silicon Valley
Global experts gather at the 2019 IEEE
Smart Future Technology Summit

On April 6, 2019 , hosted by IEEE, one of the world’s largest professional and technical organizations, and organized by San Jose State University, Pacific view media, Global SmartFountain

The 2019 IEEE Industry Summit On Future Technology For Smart Cities – IOT, Big Data, AI, and Blockchain )” held in the United States in the Silicon Valley Hilton Hotel, the summit focused on the Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain four frontier areas….

During the same period from April 5 to 9, held in collaboration with the IEEE five professional international conferences, including big data services, mobile cloud, AI intelligent testing, service systems engineering, blockchain architecture. As well as five international workshops, including the International Workshop on Big Data in Water Resources, Environment and Water Engineering; the International Workshop on Precision Medicine and Health; the SeTM International Workshop on Mobile Network Security and Trust; the International Workshop on Cloud/Edge Computing for Robotic Systems; and the 10th IEEE International Symposium on Joint Cloud Computing. Nearly 1,000 participants from dozens of countries around the world attended the 5-day conference, and many mainstream media, including Xinhua News Agency, Tri-CityVoice, Silicon Valley Times, World Journal, Sing Tao Daily, etc., reported on the conference. The series of conferences also received sponsorship and support from IBM, GOOGLE, IEEE Computer Society, Chivalry Health and many other internationally renowned organizations.


On April 6, the “2019 IEEE Smart Future Technology Summit” featured expert members of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), as well as city officials and planners from Fremont, Newark, Los Altos and other cities around the world, including the California Trade and Economic Development Organization, the University of Tokyo, Japan, the University of London, the University of Phoenix, and San Jose State University. The conference also featured city officials and planners from Fremont, Newark, Los Altos and other cities, as well as university professors and graduate students from California Trade and Economic Development, University of Berlin, University of Tokyo, University of London, University of Phoenix, University of Wollongong, San Jose State University, and other Silicon Valley companies such as Google and IBM. Many experts and scholars, as well as researchers from R&D organizations around the world, will discuss the latest technological advances, business models and lessons learned to date to anticipate the challenges of a smart world and make smart cities a reality.

In an interview with Xinhua, Jerry Gao, co-chair of the summit and professor at San Jose State University, said that as the world’s population continues to grow, the world’s urban population is expected to double in the next 25 years. Creative solutions are urgently needed to effectively manage the scarce resources that all cities face today. How to empower cities, how to use Big Data, AI, IOT, Block Chain advanced technologies to build the smart cities of the future, so as to build sustainable green urban environments and safe and happy living communities, is the core focus of this summit, and this theme will certainly become the next important stage in human history.

Lily Mei, Mayor of Fremont, Silicon Valley, gave a keynote speech on the “Fremont Smart City Initiative”, sharing her views on key municipal issues such as energy, housing, and transportation. She said the City of Fremont is looking for “smart” city management solutions, such as using modern smart technology to improve the efficiency of traffic signals, while citizens can analyze and choose how to travel through Apple phones or tablet handheld computers. In an interview with the Silicon Valley Times, she said that the San Francisco Bay Area has seen a boom in economic development over the past few years, with many biotechnology, new energy technology and high-tech companies moving into Fremont. There are also factories such as the electric car Tesla (Tesla) located here, as well as Delta (Delta), Lam Research (Lam Research), Witten Electronics (Western Digital) and Seagate Technology and other high-tech companies. The future of technology, how to bring energy saving and emission reduction to the city, improve the efficiency of the city and improve the quality of life of the citizens has always been the key to the operation of the city, and she is very happy to attend such a professional-level conference to exchange with experts and find more “smart” solutions in it.

During the conference, an exhibition of smart city solutions was held for solution providers and university researchers. The construction of smart cities not only requires the application of technological tools such as Internet of Things and cloud computing, which provide methodologies for the construction of smart cities, but also includes live demonstrations and product demonstrations that focus more on practical and concrete products to promote people-centered sustainable innovation.

April 9 2019 IEEE Intelligent Future Technology Summit in collaboration with five professional international conferences and seminars came to an end, the organizers held a closed-door meeting after the meeting, the next summit topics and related content to discuss and communicate, 2020 IEEE Intelligent Future Technology Summit will continue to integrate global experts, focusing on the global frontier technology fields, to help academic research and innovation and entrepreneurship mutual assistance Promote and accelerate the development of the ground, but also through this international platform, will also provide the world’s latest technology products, supporting industry suppliers in the industry to provide the most direct communication platform and the best stage to establish brand influence in the international.


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