IEEE FTS 2024 Keynote Speakers
To Be Posted

Track #1 – Future AI Technology and Intelligence – Prediction and Trends

1.Suitability AI

2.Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

3.Future Big Data and Intelligence

4.Future AI Training and Application4s

Track #2 – Tomorrow Smart City Big Data and Intelligence

1.Future Smart City Big Data and Intelligence

2.Future Smart City Connectivity and Infrastructures

3.Future Smart City Environment Control and Monitor

4.Smart City Emergency Infrastructure & Intelligence

Track #3 – Intelligent System Test Automation and Quality Assurance

1.Validation and Quality Assurance for Big ML Models

2.Testing and Automation For Intelligent Systems

3.Test Modeling and Coverage Analysis for AI Systems

4.Validation Standards and Test Automation for Future Intelligent Systems

Track #4 -Smart Agriculture Big Data and Intelligence

1.Smart Agriculture IOT, Connectivity, and Cloud

2.-  Smart Agriculture Intelligence for Tomorrow

3.Building Connected Machines for Smart Agriculture for Tomorrow

4.Smart Agriculture Drones and Intelligence

Track #5 – Smart Machines, Cloud, and Intelligence

1.Future Robotics and Machine Learning

2.Future UAV Application Intelligence

3.Autonomous Vehicle Technologies, Intelligence and Challenges

4.Future UAV Connectivity and Infrastructures, and Supporting

Track #6 – Biocomputing, Medical Intelligence and Smart Medicines

1.BIO Computation Technology and Intelligence for Tomorrow

2.Smart Chinese Medical Service Platform and Connectivity

3.Smart Medicine Intelligence and Technology

4.Intelligent Medical Solutions

Track #7 – Digital Economy – Today and Tomorrow

1.Digital Economy Infrastructure and Big Data

2.Digital Economy in Social Media

3.Digital Economy Big Data and Intelligence

4.Digital Economy and Digital Currency

Track #8 – Climate change, Green Technology and Sustainability

1.Climate Change and Suitability

2.Smart Green Intelligence for Tomorrow

3.Smart Net-Zero Technologies and Intelligence

4.Green Design and Architecture for Tomorrow

5.Smart Green Community Intelligence

Track #9 – ESG and Sustainability

1.Current ESG and Sustainability trends and needs

2.ESG Frameworks and Standards

3.Building Future Businesses for ESG

4.Sustainability QA and Standards for ESG

Track #10 -Next Generation Connectivity and Intelligence

1.6G Networking and Intelligence

2.AI-enabled Connected Autonomous Electric Vehicles in Smart City based Smart Grids

3.Smart City Network, Security, Connectivity and Mobility

4.Ambient intelligence: convergence of artificial intelligence, machine learning, biometrics, cloud-computing, and internet-of-things